RH Pusher Automatic II

STABILIFT Automatic II is a new heavy duty tool based on same advantages as StabiLift Automatic I; fast, easy to handle when used for car accidents but in the same time strong enough to be used for bus- and truck accidents. It is also long enough to be used as a support in ordinary houses (245 cm).

The product has been specifically designed for:

1. Be simple to set up and easy to use

2. Handle all stabilizing and emergency lifting requirements at road traffic collisions.

The tool is capable of lifting any height between 10 and 245 cm.

Weighing only 13 kg and with a safety factor of 2:1, STABILIFT can manage loads up to 5000 kg at full stroke. (Tested at 10 000 kg at full stroke (245 cm)

STABILIFT extends automatically using a gas spring. The unit can also be raised and lowered using a simple lever.

STABILIFT is possibly the simplest to use and most rapidly deployed rescue strut on the market.


  • Vehicle in ditch
  • Vehicle on its side
  • Vehicle on its roof
  • Lifting vehicle
  • Lifting roof from vehicle
  • Support in buildings

Accessories included: bow head, point head, strap, lever, lifting hook, top extension

Accessories not included: Extra large foot plate incl. spikes