RH-Pusher(StabiLift) Heavy Duty

StabiLift Automatic HD rescue-strut, for secure and stabilizing

StabiLift Automatic HD is available in 2 sizes (lengths); 750 mm – 1 250 mm and 975 mm – 2 520 mm.

StabiLift Automatic HD rescue-strut can take a load from 6,5 – 12 ton depending on the length.

StabiLift Automatic HD is CE-marked and approved by the Swedish safety department.

StabiLift Automatic HD is very fast to work with, one person can easily take 2 studs for secure, apply them and controll them during the lift.

This is the way how to work with StabiLift Automatic HD: Adjust the length by moving the outer pipe until the correct length is achieved, then apply the tool to the vehicle. When the airbags are lifting the vehicle the StabiLift follows automatic with the help of inside gasspring and by an automatic locking system, the tool can not go backwards. With help of a lever it is possible to lift or lower the StabiLift when it is under load.

StabiLift Automatic HD is made to secure and stabilize the bus when there is an accident, it can also be used when needed for building etc. (with the lever can 2 persons lift a bus if the airbags are not available)

StabiLift Automatic HD has been developed by REIPAL AB in cooperation with Ljungby Firedepartment in Sweden.


Pictures on the StabiLift Automatic HD:

RH-Pusher Heavy Duty video:

RH-Pusher Heavy Duty video: