The StabiLift is a rescue tool which has been developed in conjunction with The Swedish Rescue Services Agency Training School. SRSA required a tool which could be used to prop up cars that had been involved in road accidents whilst emergency personnel were working to free the car’s occupants.The StabiLift is more than just a support prop, it can also be used as a lifting device.

Thanks to the The StabiLift´s construction, it can be made to lift and take increased load during the rescue as circumstances require.

A number of accessories come with The StabiLift:
– a lifting bow and a four points support head
– a lifting grab if there is a requirement to lift the vehicle off the ground or to remove the top from the vehicle
– a safety belt to prevent the StabiLift from sliding if the working environment is slippy or unstable.

The StabiLift has a number of advantages e.g.
– a removable crank handle (makes it possible to do halfrounds)
– adjustable length through 12 different positions and the ability to lift by 60cm per revolution
– simple construction
– extremely fast to work with
– extremely flexible, can be used in many accident situations and indeed many other areas of application.

StabiLift Manual