Timber Tong

Straighten your back – use the long pull shaft!
The pulling ax is a working ax for wood and pulp dimensions. It is 65 cm tall, which means that you can work with straight back when pulling together
worked. The real work position saves backs and allows you to handle heavier logs. The pulling axle link system affects both jaws completely uniformly. This provides a very safe grip and allows the scissors to pinch the stitches before pulling. This is priceless when working with coarser logs.

Grip width: 21 and 26 cm.
Weight: 1.3 kg

Timber Tong Brochure

A new card pull shaft where the handle is turned 90˚ in relation to the jaws. Suitable when, for example, pulling logs to the appliance, you pull your hand at a natural angle.

Grip Range:
21 cm and 26 cm
Weight: about 1.1 kg